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Street Dancer 3D (2020)

Bolywod movie watch Street Dancer 3D 2020 in HD:

Movie plot: Dancing is a special kind of art, it is filled with feelings and can convey everything you want to say better than any other way. The main characters know better than anyone else that this language of movement is so incredible that it will not leave anyone indifferent. They are so passionate about dancing that they are ready to dance anywhere and everywhere. This is the reason why they decide to take up street dancing. But even here it is not so easy to reach the top, because there are always those who are more talented and better than you. So in order to hold positions, you have to constantly improve and prove that you can do a lot.

It is such performances that allow complete strangers to cross paths, who previously did not even know about the existence of each other. But one such meeting can be fatal and completely change people’s lives. The characters are no exception, they were always so much interested in dancing that they did not think about anything else. However, fate itself decides to interfere in their history and make them look at many events in a different way. Only the tense situation and the desire to achieve new heights sometimes pose a difficult choice. What will wait for the heroes and how will they behave further? Will they be able to find their happiness, or will they give themselves entirely to dancing?

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Genre: DramaMusical


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Duration: 146 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.8


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Movie Review

at 19:06

The film “Street dancer 3D” is one of the most anticipated novelties of Indian cinema of the upcoming season. A bright and dynamic film, full of energy and vitality, is dedicated to the lives of young people who are engaged in dancing right on the streets of the city. Their difficult relationship, including love, is richly flavored with classic popular songs and melodies, which were updated and decorated with original dance numbers especially for the film. Its plot is full of unexpected twists and romantic scenes that rivet the audience to the screen and make them closely observe the events taking place with bated breath. Remo, the author of the dilogy “Everyone can dance”, directed “Street dancer 3D”. The film stars up-and-coming artists Varun Dhawan (“Student of the year”, “Lovers”, “Bride of Badrinakht”) and Shraddha Kapoor (“Life for love 2”, “Villain”), the daughter of the iconic Indian actor Shakti Kapoor.


at 08:44

The film is very good. There is a lot of music, dancing and sincerity, charity. Wow!


at 08:44

A very good film, worthy of your attention !


at 08:43

A good movie, I don’t know why, but from the middle of the movie my eyes were wet, and at the end I couldn’t hold back the tears.

HD Films

at 08:43

The film is good, of course, but not so good as to WOW. Too many connections with ABCD (Everyone can dance). With the same actors. The same music, the same techniques, a wonderful victory. Only Prabhudeva is not a mentor, but a dancer, and Vinod is not a dancer. If there is nothing to do, you can watch it, but it is better to review several parts of the ABCD.

what watch on bollywood movie

at 08:42

A film that brings mercy and humanity . Cool choreography ! Bravo to the actors!


at 08:41

Cool!!!That’s what real dancing means!!!Bravo!!!

dance lover

at 08:40

The plot is not particularly hooked, but the songs and dances just blow the roof! In love Hole, I love it. All the songs are so loved))