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Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020)

Bollywood movie Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020) watch online in good quality:

Movie plot: Ajay is a military man who is famous for his endurance. It would seem that his whole life was predetermined, he knew perfectly well what he wanted from life, and sought to implement his plans in life. He believed that everything would be as he wanted. But he did not take into account the fact that fate can interfere in the plans and Affairs of people at the most unexpected moment.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a man was not spared. However, the situation soon changes completely after he is suddenly sent to Kurnul. A man needs to deal with the danger that arose from outside. But what will actually be waiting for him and how will his life change? Will he be able to cope with all that he will have to face?

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Genre: ActionComedyDrama


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Duration: 169 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.2


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Movie Review

at 19:07

This story is about a young Indian soldier named Ajay. Bold, but cruel and despotic, he built his own destiny, and believed that in his life there is no place for surprises, and all the events in it are planned by himself. He was confident only in the power of weapons, set ambitious goals and achieve their own, using every opportunity and ignoring the opinions and desires of others. But one day the universe gave him a surprise, changing his well-established life once and for all. He was sent to Kurnul, where there was a serious danger. And now he must do everything in his power to save the city. But Ajay has no idea what exactly awaits him in Kurnuli, and what he will have to face there, so he goes into complete obscurity. But it is already clear that serious changes are being planned in his life and character, for which he is completely unprepared. But whether he will be able to accept them, and how the strange trip will end – time will show.

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at 08:49

The movie is great.It reminded me of a remake of a movie.


at 08:48

The film on one time, from Mahesh not expected, too many excess ponapihali in the film, little action,and at all from some like would serious moments funny,and from fights experience only Spanish shame Yes and only.this after all not fiction, need to although would slightly pravdapodobnee shoot.Mahesh has a lot of movies that I want to review,but this one I definitely will not, and in General I am sorry for the time spent, although I waited so much for the film.All beaver))


at 08:48

I didn’t think that such an artist could dream in such a movie if he was only well paid


at 08:47

And as soon as he agreed to marry such a reckless wench! The end of the film only spoiled…


at 08:46

I really like movies with Mahesh ,but this movie is one of the worst of his movies, if not the worst.It’s all too theatrical.

cat vs dog hd

at 08:46

Great movie . I really liked it, such a comedic and at the same time an action movie. This film teaches you to love your homeland, protect it and be responsible. I suggest you watch this movie again. Mahesh Babu played his role perfectly . I can’t wait to see his next new movies. I wish him good luck in the next films 🤗 😊 🥰

Anil Ravipudi fun

at 08:45

I really want his new movie only an action movie for him the action movie goes more the movie is normal for Mahesh Babu you can watch the role of a police officer goes