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Pattas (2020)

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Movie plot: Since his youth, Shakti has lived in Chennai, where he is known by old-timers and young residents of a poor area. Since the work in this part of the city is tight, the hero trades theft. He does not disdain to steal from well-to-do people, savvy and cunning merchants and those who profit from someone else’s misery, especially since the guy’s sleight of hand allows him to always avoid capture. One day, Shakti becomes aware of the truth about who his father was.

Parent studied the ancient science of fighting – Adimari. He mastered all the stages of the martial art, mastered the skills of professional fighting, for which very soon he was overtaken by fame. But the envy of the sworn enemy was stronger. The villain killed Papa Shakti, hiding his crime from everyone. After learning who is really behind the treacherous murder, the son of the murdered man decides to take revenge. He continues his father’s work to enter the ring and face the murderer…

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Genre: ActionDrama


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Duration: 141 min

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Movie Review

at 19:02

The film is set in the big city of Chennai, where a simple guy named Shakti lives. He is a small-time thief, constantly in search of another victim. Shakti often steals money from both rich people and local merchants. The guy has very fast hands, thanks to which he has already got away with it more than once. One day, Shakti learns a lot of new information about the fate of his father. It turned out that his death was not accidental, because some powerful enemy managed to settle old scores with him. Shakti decides to find the scoundrel and avenge his father’s death. The guy does not even imagine what a dangerous adventure he is getting into this time…


at 08:33

I did not think that the film would be so interesting Dhanush as always played well 😉

pattas wow

at 08:33

Previously, I only saw a clip from this movie, because I don’t like spoilers. So for me, the plot of the film was a surprise, the beginning was shocking. Shakti, or Pattas, is just an elusive thief. And what he then becomes, very impressive!