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Subramanyam For Sale (2015)

Bollywood movie Subramanyam For Sale watch in good quality:

Movie plot: Subrahmanyam is a simple Indian boy who decided to go to America to earn some money, and then return to his homeland. He very soon adapted to the new place, having learned the life of an emigrant that you need to earn wherever you can and on whom you can. But our main character is not such an unprincipled acquisitive and this can be very easily seen by watching a wonderful romantic Comedy. It is filled with extremely cute and good-natured episodes, which make up the entire film, which gives the viewer the opportunity to relax while watching and somewhere in something to draw certain conclusions.

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Genre: Comedy


Actors: , ,


Duration: 150 min

Quality: 720p


IMDb: 6.0


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Movie Review

at 19:01

At the center of the development is a young man named Subrahmanyam. He decided to change the scenery and went to live in America. Subrahmanyam quickly realized that if a migrant wanted to earn money in the United States, he would have to accept any job. The young man’s life is hard, but he does not think of returning to his native India. However, the main character is not going to devote all his free time to work. The storyline of this good Comedy film is filled with interesting episodes that can immerse you in this story with your head. Among other things, the creators of the picture put some wisdom into it, and after watching the film, you will be able to draw some conclusions.