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Naam hai Akira (2016)

Bollywod movie Naam hai Akira 2016 watch free hindi:

Movie plot: It unfolds around one attractive girl, talking about her life path. Kumari Akira Sharma had a rather hot-tempered character, which made it difficult for her to adapt to others and control her feelings. Mother and her sibling decided that she would be better off leaving her hometown of Jodhpur and pursuing her higher education away from home. In a strange place, naturally, her character has not changed, and she begins conflicts with her campus neighbors, and ends with very big troubles.

Another very interesting character in the movie is a corrupt cop. The guy was the only witness to a car accident in which his subordinate suffered. Upon delivery to the nearest medical center, he finds a huge amount of money hidden. The thirst for profit has taken possession of him and instead of helping the victim, he kills him and takes the money for himself. He considers staying in the city risky and flees to Mumbai. Due to unknown reasons, Akira is implicated in this crime. How will the girl get out of this very difficult and unforeseen situation now? How to prove your innocence?

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Genre: Action


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Duration: 137 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.9


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Movie Review

at 19:10

Kumari Akira Sharma is an unusual girl who has a very hot temper. The main character can get started literally from half a turn, and for this reason it is very difficult for her to build relationships with people. One day Akira decides to move from his native Jodhpur to another city. In a new place, the girl is going to start life with a clean slate, enrolling in a local University. Because of her penchant for conflict, Akira, of course, did not find a common language with her neighbors on campus. Soon she finds herself embroiled in a series of troubles that are difficult to get out of. The main character was accidentally involved in the Commission of a crime.