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Munthiri Monchan: Oru Thavala Paranja Kadha (2019)

Bollywood movie Munthiri Monchan – watch in good quality:

Synopsis: The events in the Comedy film take place with the main characters belonging to the malayali people in India. The story is brought to the audience by a frog. A young man is engaged in marketing at an Agency. The company creates commercials in cinemas. Vivek Viswanath accidentally meets a special person. Im a Rajeev working in a start-up project. It distributes literary publications via the Internet. Young people become friends. After a while, Rajiv and Ima begin to have real feelings for each other. In the future, they could become a strong and friendly married couple.

But an unforeseen circumstance happens. The main characters decide to go to Mumbai. On the train, Rajiv and Ima meet a stranger. Deepika is different from the people around her. She can’t see anything. From this moment on, the trio finds themselves in the center of events that are filled with humorous and comic moments. Every day a friendly company gets into a comical situation. Young people react to every incident with an emotion that is not inherent in them. The entire film is accompanied by interesting and entertaining compositions, which are given the main place. Three dynamic songs were specially written for the film.

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Genre: ComedyRomance


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Duration: 130 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 9.4


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Movie Review

at 18:53

A film in the genre of urban romantic Comedy, the main characters of the film belong to the Indian malayali nation. The story is set against a backdrop of urban landscapes and is actually told by a frog, as promised in the film’s title. Vivek Viswanath, a young marketer from a movie theater advertising firm, accidentally meets Winter Rajiv, who is engaged in a startup project to distribute books via the Internet. The friendship formed between young people gradually flows into a romantic relationship, and it is possible that they would have created a couple over time, because they are ideally suited to each other. But a third person gets involved in their relationship, a girl they met on a train going to Mumbai. All the further action of the film is full of humor and satire, the characters get into comic situations, which react very emotionally. A huge role in the film is given to music, it features three songs specially written for the film.