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Marjaavaan (2019)

Bollywod movie Marjaavaan (2019) watch online:

Movie plot: A guy named Raghu is the best, and most importantly, a devoted assistant to the mafia leader Narayan Anna. Each time, the guy just does what pleases his boss. He fulfilled his every task exactly. Even if the assignment cannot be carried out, the guy found a way out. One fine day, a young beautiful, but dumb girl appears in the city. Zoe wanted to teach local children music. The main character, seeing her beauty does not stand up and immediately falls in love.

This love is the only goal in his life. Now the guy switches all his attention to his beloved. And the girl reciprocated. But soon the only son of Narayan learns about the couple in love. From childhood, he could not see Raghu, so he wanted to get even with him. Although he is small in stature, but the harm in his head is full. He decided to salt his adoptive brother and talks about what he saw to his father. Then Narayana decides to send his young thugs in search of the youngest.

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Genre: ActionRomance


Actors: , ,


Duration: 152 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.6


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at 19:46

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