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Kavaludaari (2019)

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Synopsis: The film Kavaludaari is set in the Indian city of Bangalore. The local police are investigating a murder that occurred several years ago. Inspector Mutant and assistant traffic police inspector Rishi are together searching for clues. Given that a lot of time has passed, the characters of the film do not really expect that they will be able to find the criminals and solve the mystery of this murder. However, Mutanta and Rishi are not going to give up. They join forces to find at least some clues that in the future will be able to shed light on the circumstances of this difficult case. Will they be able to solve such a complicated crime and find out who actually committed the murder?

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Genre: Thriller


Actors: , ,


Duration: 143 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.1


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Movie Review

at 18:52

An elderly, noble and brave retired inspector Mouton and a young, ambitious, dreamy sub-inspector Shyam team up to solve an old family murder case in which new evidence emerges. Shyam, who works in the traffic police of Bangalore, is terribly tired of boring and monotonous work. A man is constantly looking for various ways to transfer to the homicide Department. He dreams of investigating serious and dangerous cases, searching for maniacs and serial killers, and fighting crime in his hometown.
But the boss does not care about his ambitions, so Shyam continues to work as an inspector. The hero from boredom gets involved in cases involving murders and other bloody and mysterious crimes without official permission. One day, three human skulls were found near a metro construction site. Detectives involved in the case could not find traces of the perpetrator, the investigation quickly reached a dead end. But Shyan did not give up and continued to look for clues. Suddenly, he runs into officer Muthanna, who was investigating the case of the three skulls more than forty years ago. Shyam restores Muthanna to the police, and the characters begin to solve the mystery of a strange murder.