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Kandireega (2011)

Kandireega 2011 watch online in good quality:

Movie plot: Sinu can be attributed to the light and mischievous category of children, but he did not manage to complete his training. The father does not have the slightest desire to make concessions to his son and marry him, he is inclined to think that this will happen only after the guy gets a decent education. The guy goes to get knowledge in another city, where he gets acquainted with a charming girl who penetrates into his soul and wins his heart, but he is not the only one who gets feelings for the heroine.

She is noticed by a local thug, who decides to take her as his legal wife. The heroine has heard that he is not afraid to deal cruelly with those who refuse and contradict him, and in addition, he already considers her his property, which scares the girl. Now anyone who pays attention to it will be severely punished. She is well aware that there is no way out of this captivity, the girl decides to come to him on her own, while openly saying that he will not be able to subdue her and win her heart. The hero can not sit idly by, he must regain his beloved, the guy is going to talk to the scoundrel, besides, the guys make a deal..

Duration: 130 min

Quality: 720p


IMDb: 6.2


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Movie Review

at 18:59

Sinu is kicked out of the school, and this fact infuriates his father. Now sinu will have to finish his education, otherwise he will not get permission to marry the girl he loves. He moves to the city of Hyderabad, where he meets the beautiful Shruti. The guy falls in love with her, but the girl also has an eye for the local bandit Bhavani. Sinu goes to his rival and makes a deal with him, according to which the girl passes to him, and Bhavani no longer claims her. In return, sinu will have to make Sruthi fall in love with him and make Her believe that he can save her from the evil Bhavani. Then, all of a sudden, someone kidnaps the girl…