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Jaga Vegali Antyatra (2018)

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The friendship of the main characters-four ordinary guys-is real and time-tested. They help and support each other in the most difficult times, working together for the common good. But this time they are all United by a common tragedy-unemployment and, as a result, lack of money. At first, the comrades actively try to find a job, but no attempt ends successfully. Then comes the moment of insight – and why not become businessmen themselves? This is where thrash ideas start, but it’s hard to come up with sound ones. This does not frighten your friends at all, and most importantly, it does not stop them! Funny situations with the implementation of the most incredible ideas in life-the abyss. And let the universe first resist the achievement of the main characters of the goal. She is naive, but did not take into account one small, but important nuance-perseverance and determination friends do not take. Which resulted in a predictable ending: it is better to give them what they want than to explain that the business is not for them…

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