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Half Widow (2017)

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The film tells the difficult story of a woman who lives in the city of Srinagar, located in Kashmir, where everything is managed by the Indian administration. A widow’s life is not easy. One night her husband was taken from his own home and taken somewhere unknown, the woman still does not know whether he is alive or already dead, whether he will ever return home or not. Members of the Muslim Kashmiri community, the couple Khalid and Neela loved each other very much and found their own happiness, despite the fact that they had only met once before the wedding. Khalid even invited not only his wife, but also niila’s younger brother Zakir, to live in His house after the wedding. But when the Kashmir conflict occurred in 1999, Khalid was kidnapped in the middle of the night by some armed men, after which even the police could not answer where he was now. And so began the long journey of Neela, either already a widow or still a wife, unable even to start a completely new life and trying to find her husband. Time passes, the military conflict ends, and only for one Neila nothing changes. Without a spouse, she loses all meaning in her life and sinks into apathy. It is only after her brother Zakir is arrested for trying to protect her sister that the woman again finds the strength to continue living and takes an active position in her life.

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Genre: Drama


Actors: , ,


Duration: 91 min


IMDb: 9.2


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