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Fun2shh… Dudes in the 10th Century (2017)

Fun2shh… Dudes in the 10th Century 2017 full movie watch online:

Movie Plot: This is the story of how a famous thief, whose name is heard by many – Indie Cher, coveted a great value – a crown from a closed exhibition of the Emperor Babushakh. He managed to organize everything and pull off so that all suspicions fell not on him, but on three harmless, at first glance, guards, who, of course, did not forgive this true criminal. The plot develops in such a way that innocent guards declare a chase for chindi Khor, trying to catch Him in various and unexpected places. But the most interesting thing happens later-trying once again to catch up with him, the heroes hit the wall, after which they all Wake up in the distant 10th century and not somewhere, but at the court of the Emperor Babushakh. And then everything just starts …

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Genre: Comedy


Actors: , ,


Duration: 130 min


IMDb: 4.5


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