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Trance (2020)

Watch online TRANCE (2020) Malayalam HDRip:

Synopsis: Trance is a semi-conscious state characterized by a lack of reactions to external influences, usually suggested in a state of hypnosis or under the influence of a medium. Often people fall into a trance under the influence of religious feelings. The film is the story of Viju Prasad, a hapless motivational coach from Kanyakumari, and all the phases of his life’s rise and fall. Viju went door-to-door looking for work, while also trying to provide for his younger brother. After being wrecked in Kanyakumari, he moves to Mumbai and starts all over again. It is at this time that he receives an offer from rich adventurers to accompany them on their trips as a spiritual mentor. Their goal was to raise money based on the religious feelings of their clients. Viju makes full use of his magnetic charm, performs ostentatious miracles, and pretends to be the Messiah. But the attempt to repeat the miracles on television reveals their background, and the career of the miracle worker begins to end.

Duration: 170 min

Quality: HDrip


IMDb: 7.3


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