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Bala (2019)

Bala 2019 Hindi 720p watch online:

Synopsis: Bala is a young guy who recently faced a very serious problem. So, Bala suddenly found that his hair was falling out too much. After noticing baldness problems, Bala initially hoped that it would pass with time. But no traditional remedies did not help, and soon a bald spot the Ball became visible for everyone. And if the majority of people have simply forgotten about this issue, the Ball started to get a complex. Soon the guy realized that he could not even leave the house without fear that someone would notice the lack of hair on his head. Therefore, Bala began to look for the most radical and even magical methods of fighting. In order to get the hair back on his head, the guy was ready for absolutely anything. For him, there was no limit to what he was willing to sacrifice for the sake of his own possible hair. It is this attitude to everything that is happening that plays a bad joke with the guy. After all, if a person wants something so much, then they will get it.

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Genre: Comedy


Actors: , ,


Duration: 133 min

Quality: 720p


IMDb: 7.4


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