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A Gentleman (2017)

Bollywood Film “A Gentleman 2017” in HD watch free:

Movie plot: In one of the suburbs of the American metropolis lives a simple guy Gaurav. He has the usual unremarkable work in which the man can only yawn and wait for the day to come to an end. However, he does not complain at all about his life. Thanks to good and stable earnings, the protagonist can afford very expensive purchases. But his main dream is to win the heart of the charming girl Kavia. However, the problem is that the beauty does not consider Gaurava at all as the man of her dreams. She considers him too pedantic and boring.

But the main character does not want to change, even for the love of his whole life. Once he is sent on a long business trip. Arriving in Mumbai, a man gets into such troubles that he tries to quickly return home. However, even having arrived in his hometown, Gaurav does not cease to stick in ever new problems. Now, his life is not boring and painted in minutes. One thing is good – maybe Kavia, after all the misfortunes of the protagonist, will replace anger with mercy.

Duration: 145 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3


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Movie Review

at 19:08

The main character of this film is a simple guy named Gaurav. He has a well-paid job, thanks to which he allows himself to make serious purchases. However, Gaurav cannot call himself a happy person. The fact is that he can not win the heart of the beautiful Kava, who does not consider Gaurav a worthy suitor. Kavya believes that he is too boring, boring and completely devoid of a sense of humor. One day the main character’s life changes. This happens after he goes on a business trip to Mumbai. In a big city, Gaurav has to solve a whole lot of problems, and he attracts trouble like a magnet…


at 08:53

The film is worth watching very cool, and at first because of the quality I did not want to watch but then you get used to it!?????


at 08:52

The film is a great saying ” everyone should have some kind of mystery ” this is just about this film or rather about the hero of the film!super!


at 08:51

cool movie,,, 10 from me, the ending pleased in the gun store)


at 08:51

The film is great! Thank you to this site for their work to the delight of fans


at 08:50

The most gorgeous film, very high quality, with great humor, a great story and excellent shooting. I never would have thought that the Indians will ever learn to make such incredible movies. Highly recommend.